Pilgrim's Discovery - Watercolor

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I am not an artist.  I am a symbol-wrangler who uses pigment to make ideas visible, as wind makes the breath of the world visible.  I draw and paint richly symbolic, representational images.  Because your amazing mind catches a glimpse of something out of the ordinary, I trust it will ask you to think twice for every once you look.  


I offer you a positive shift in some small setting in a program you are running.  A shift that sets you free to experience the wonderful, expansive being that you are, fully experiencing life, mentally agile, better able to read yourself.  Happier.  More available to joy, gratitude, and love.  My job: to transform the muck of "the human condition" into beauty and auspiciousness to nourish your heart-mind.

I delight in travel, whether across an ocean or within my own town.  Moving through a landscape on two wheels, two skis, on foot, or in/on water is my inspiration laboratory.  I am committed to ceaseless personal growth.  I get a lot of satisfaction from my efforts for the same reasons I would rather pedal, row, hike, or ski somewhere than get there by carseat.  Most of the work I show is created in my studio halfway up a cliff, with views across a river valley and near-distant mountains as far as the eye can see.  It feels like both owl aerie and ancient Chinese scholar hermitage of the sort where T'ang Dynasty poet Wang Wei would have written his gem "Sketching Things".

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Pilgrim's Discovery
Offering: Wavelength
Lakshmi's Wealth: Self-love, Love of Others
Water Reservoir, Coromandel Coast, India
Kissing Day Celebration
Throwing Petals

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